PIcture Book Explorers ~ Oscar Cat-about- town - £3.00

A literature based unit study to accompany Oscar, Cat-About-Town by James Herriott.

ISBN 0-330-32066-1 (Book not included)


When a young girl brings a sick, stray cat to his surgery, James Herriott and his wife do their best to nurse him back to health. They name the cat Oscar and he soon becomes part of the family. Oscar makes a good recovery but keeps going missing. Where does he go? And what happens when his original owners turn up to claim him?


This Picture Book Explorers pack takes you to North Yorkshire, UK, where you can learn about James Herriott and what it takes to become a vet.


Your child can

- learn about design

- try his hand at being a writer

- learn about cats – both as a scientist and an owner

- do maths with a map

- try regional recipes and much more.


You choose the activities to tailor this study into a personalised learning journey for your family.



~ instructions for over 20 activities;

~ printables including timeline, maps and flags;

~ list of supplies needed;

~ book & film go-along suggestions.

Extra supplies will be needed for some of the activities. All activities are optional to enable you to tailor the study to your family's needs.

Written by a British Home Educator, Picture Book Explorers are designed to guide you and your child along a learning journey inspired by beautifully crafted books. Each of the downloadable studies provides stepping stones into an enjoyable educational adventure. The hope is, that even after you have taken everything you can from a Picture Book Explorers file, your family will continue on the learning journey, adding your own ideas and taking inspriation from the suggestions given.


Each study contains maps, flags, a timeline and fact sheets to help you on your way. Some will contain notebooking pages, mini-books, quizzes and/or colouring sheets. They each contain over 20 activity suggestions with the information and/or instructions needed to complete them. These range from discussion ideas to creative writing projects to practical art projects to craft activities to maths problems to science experiments to recipes to games to field trip ideas and beyond. They are fully researched and tested before publication to make sure that your child gets the best quality learning experience possible. Having said that, we're only human and sometimes make mistakes; we welcome all feedback to be able to improve our products and service.


The books must be bought separately – check your library and look out for them in charity shops.



After purchase, an email will be sent direct to you with your download link.

Suggested Ages

5 -10





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