Picture Book Explorers ~ Greyfriars Bobby  £2.00

A literature based unit study to accompany Greyfriars Bobby by Ruth Brown

ISBN: 0-09-972121-X (Book not included).


N.B The book deals with the death of the dog's owner, so may not be suitable for more sensitive children.


Set in Victorian Edinburgh in Scotland, UK, this book tells the story of a small dog with a big heart. He is the loyal and devoted companion of Old Jock who, sadly, dies one winter. He is buried in the local graveyard, but Bobby is so loyal he stays by his master's grave for the rest of his life, only leaving it to find food from his many friends.


Inside this Picture Book Explorers study, you will find ideas for helping to learn about Edinburgh through fun hands-on science and cooking activities – there's lots of cake in this study :) There are also practical and observational art activities, creative writing suggestions, punctuation practice, mental maths questions and more to give fun learning opportunities to your child.



~ instructions for over 20 activities;

~ printables including timeline, maps, flag and minibooks;

~ list of supplies needed; book & film go-along suggestions to help you make this study best fit your child.


You choose tge activities to fully tailor this learning package for your child.


Written by a British Home Educator, Picture Book Explorers are designed to guide you and your child along a learning journey inspired by beautifully crafted books. Each of the downloadable studies provides stepping stones from reading the story aloud into an enjoyable educational adventure. When you have taken everything you can from Picture Book Explorers, your family can continue on the learning journey, addingyour own ideas and taking inspriation from the suggestions given.


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Suggested Ages

5 -10





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