Dogger (UK) , David and Dog (USA) - £5.00

A literature based unit study to accompany Dogger (UK title)/ David & Dog (US title) by Shirley Hughes.

ISBN 978-1862308053 (Book not included)


Dave loves Dogger. One day, Dave loses Dogger. All the family help to look for him. He is discovered the next day, for sale on a toy stall at the summer fair. Dave doesn't have enough money to buy him back and so runs to find Mum and Dad. In the meantime, a little girl buys Dogger. Find out how Dave is reunited with his favourite toy through an act of kindness by his sister. A book described by the author as 'quintessentially English'.


This Picture Book Explorers pack takes you to Notting Hill, London, UK, where you can learn about Shirley Hughes and the story of Notting Hill.


Your child can

- learn about soap

- try his hand at summer fair races

- learn about the suburbs

- tackle maths with money

- create a sideshow game and much more.


You choose the activities to give a personalised learning package for your child.



~ instructions for over 20 activities;

~ printables including timeline, maps and flags;

~ list of supplies needed;

~ factsheets;

~ book go-along suggestions to help you make this study best fit your child.


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Suggested Ages: 5 - 10/Pages: 40/File Size: 1.6 MB


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