Picture Book Explorers ~ Cedric's Day At The Castle - £5.00

A literature based unit study to accompany Cedric's Day at the Castle by Jim Wyllie illustrated by Miggie Wyllie ISBN 978-1906266103 (Book not included).


Polly and her Grandfather visit a Norman Castle in Suffolk, England accompanied by Polly's imaginary friend, Cedric the seahorse. Find out about the mishaps that befall him in this lovely book suggested by a Picture Book Explorers blog reader.


This Picture Book Explorers pack takes you to Suffolk, UK,to learn about Orford Castle and 12th Century legends.


Your child can

- learn about spits

- try his hand at being a maritime messenger

- learn about seahorses

-learn about healthy eating

- test for ph levels

- make stuffed toy and much more.


You choose the activities to take your child on a personalised learning journey.



~ instructions for over 20 activities;

~  printables including timeline maps and flag;

~ list of supplies needed;

book & film go-along suggestions.


Written by a British Home Educator, Picture Book Explorers are designed to guide you and your child along a learning journey inspired by beautifully crafted books. Each of the downloadable studies provides stepping stones from reading the story aloud into an enjoyable educational adventure. When you have taken everything you can from Picture Book Explorers, your family can continue on the learning journey, adding your own ideas and taking inspriation from the suggestions given.


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Suggested Ages

5 -10





File Size:

2.5 MB











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