Picture Book Explorers ~ Black Dog - £4.00

A literature based unit study to accompany Black Dog by Levi Pinfold.

ISBN 978-1-84877-748-4 (Book not included.)


One day, a black dog appears outside the Hope family home. He gets larger and larger as each member of the family sees him, until the youngest family member, Small Hope, goes outside to face him. A beautifully illustrated book about a quirky family with a happy outcome.


This Picture Book Explorers pack takes you to Somerset, England.


Your child can:

- learn about Somerset;

- discover the legend of the Black Dog;

- explore the use of rhyme;

- carry out snow science experiments;

- learn about British garden birds;

- make a bag;

- write their own folktale;

- paint with egg tempera;

- explore symmetry;

- taste regional food and more.


This pack allows you to tailor the activities to give a personalised learning adventure for your child.



~ instructions for 20 activities

~ 15 pages of printables including a timeline, minibook pieces, a selection of maps, flags &n fact sheets;

~ list of supplies needed;

~ book & film suggestions.


Extra supplies will be needed for some of the hands-on activities.


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Suggested Ages: 5 - 10/Pages: 34/File Size: 2.5 MB


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